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With Cryptofy, it’s easy to find the right music for every moment on your Phone, your Computer, your Tablet and across all your Devices,.
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Explore lifetimes of music at the touch of a button. Get playlists handcrafted by a team of Deezer Editors around the world, or make your own in a couple of taps.
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Find new loves and old favourites from over 53 million tracks. Discover the perfect playlist or make your own, and browse curated collections by genre. Play everything from the Top 40 to unsigned acts on all your devices.
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  • with our application, you can listen to any type of music, anywhere and any time, just download them once and listen offline whenever you want. create different playlist and gather your favorite albums, and find them all in one place to listen too later.discover new music style by visiting our large selection from all over the world
  • Cryptofy Technologie

  • The cryptofy team is doing their best so that our application will be compatible with google home, Amazon Alexa and other similar product. You will be able to enjoy your cryptofy account just with voice command.
  • Cryptofy Token And ICO

    ICO Information

    1- ICO will be live for 1 Month in Livecoin Exchange
          2- Token will be sold at the same price to avoid high price fluctuations
              3- 50% From sold amount will be posted at 120sat price (refund wall), this refund buy wall will be active for 4days (20% profit )
    4-Traders can't trade in BLD token before the end of the ICO
                5- Unsold token will be Burned after ICO end

    ICO Rules

    1-Traders can only buy the token, and trading will not be available until the end of the ico
    2-After ico end, 50% of the sold amount will be posted at 120sat for a period of 4days
    3-If the total supply was not sold completely, it will be burned after ico ends
    Token & ICO Specification
    Token ICO Airdrop
    Token Specification
  • Name : Cryptofy
  • Symbol : CTF    
  • Total supply : 26000000
  • Decimals : 18
  • Platform : ERC20 Token
  • Blockchain : Ethereum
  • ICO Specification
  • Name : Cryptofy
  • Symbol : CTF
  • ICO Supply : 20000000
  • ICO Pice : 0.00000100BTC
  • Time : 1Month
  • ICO Refud wall : 00000120BTC
  • Air-Drop Specification
  • First Week - You Get 30%
  • Second Week - You Get 15%
  • Third Week - You Get 10%
  • Last Week - You Get 5%
  • Last Day - you Get[surprise]